"Mongolian tea party". Dashi porcelain tea set 2016

Jan 18, 2017

Dashi Namdakov is a Russian sculptor whose monuments are installed numerous cities and countries, whose sculptures are kept in the most prestigious museum and private. In 2016 he created a new composition called "Mongolian tea party" to try a new material - the white thin-walled porcelain. Unique in its complexity, the work was cast by the Klimenkoff porcelain studio n Moscow.

Dashi Namdakov’s style is combination of "incongruous": a fusion of archaic forms and images, "translated" into the language of modern plastics. The sculptor, like his ancestors, traditionally works in bronze, but often refers to adjacent forms of art: he created a jewelry collection in the traditional Eurasian nomadic style, worked as a production designer in a historical movie about the life of Genghis Khan, made sketches for tapestries and finally discovered very brittle but ductile porcelain.

Keeping his vision Dashi sculpts the world of a steppe nomad, where the woman keeps the focus on the yurt (its home), where graceful predators become symbols of beauty and power. A single monochrome color creates a mirage of atmosphere of peace and relaxing memories of the bygone era ...

The composition can be transformed from a solemn vertical into a traditional tea set, which has all the necessary attributes for ceremony and guests can enjoy the taste of the drink, as well as the elegance of the forms.

The vase, its stand in the form of a woman's head, braids made as handles, animalistic parts of the set - everything shows ingenuity and subtle irony of the author, his love of his culture.


About the author:

Dashi Namdakov is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, member of the Russian Academy of Arts, winner of the Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of culture (2009), Honorary Academician of the Academy of Arts (Florence, Italy), was awarded the National Film Award "Nika" for his work in the "Mongol" film and the State Prize of Mongolia.

The first solo exhibition of Dashi Namdakov was held at the Irkutsk Art Museum on February 16, 2000. Today, the art of Dashi is familiar to museums and galleries, from Tokyo and Beijing, to New York and Los Angeles. Dashi exhibited in the State Hermitage (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), the Beijing World Art Museum (Beijing, China), the State Tretyakov Gallery and the State Historical Museum (Moscow, Russia), the Academy of Art in Florence (Italy) and others.

About the Porcelain Studio:

Klimenkoff Porcelain Studio began its work in Moscow in 2003. Today it comprises the best European porcelain mases and paints; ovens, made to order, and most importantly, highly creative and professional team.

The Studio works with hand-made production artistic porcelain - sculpture, design and painting utensils, Easter eggs and jewelry modeling of flower arrangements.

Title: Decorative composition "Mongolian tea party", 2016

The author's idea and hand-modeling of Dashi Namdakov;

Material: porcelain from Limoges, France;

Technique: hand molding, firing at T 1320 C.


Stand in the form of a woman's head h 267, s 205; Weight 2620 g

dish h 96 d 373; Weight 2700 g

vessel h157 d 125; weight 420 g

Kettle h 220 d 125

cup (six pieces) h80 d 90; weight 125 g each